​Driving responsibilities

​1. Drives truck to and from job sites ( may be multiple sites in any given period ).

​2. Drives vehicle during pavement striping operation at slow speeds

​( from 2-15 MPH ), in traffic, with accuracy.

3. Watches closed circuit monitor while driving during striping operation.

​4. Maintain a neat, professional appearance of self and equipment.

​Striping truck driver (heavy) summary

​Essential duties and responsibilities

​Drives paint striping truck and/or supply truck ( capacity more than 3 tons), and equipment to specified destinations within the state of Minnesota. Inspects, maintains, cleans and loads trucks and equipment.

​Vehicle maintenance

​1. Inspects vehicles and equipment daily

​2. Performs any necessary maintenance such as air pressures, fluid levels, brakes, lights etc.

3. Fuels truck as needed and at end of the day.

4. Load supplies

​5. Help load materials

​Other duties or tasks may be assigned as required. Management may modify, change or add the duties of this description at anytime without notice.

Sixty years...Same old line

​Record and report keeping

1. Maintain driver daily log book, according to state and federal regulations

​2. Maintains vehicle inspection log, bills of lading, fuel log sheets, credit card receipts.

3. Maintains Vehicle and equipment repair logs and submits to shop.

​4. Maintains daily hour logs ( job documentation ).